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Greece offers an ideal shooting environment with exciting diverse locations, mild climate, predictable weather, frequent and convenient flights from all European capitals, plus the lowest rates in Euro zone. CENTRAL ATHENS FILM PRODUCTIONS provides since 1999, full production services to production companies for feature films, commercial spots and TV shows from UK, USA, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, China, etc.

We are the exclusive partner in Greece of PRODUCTION SERVICE NETWORK, an AICP and LMIG Member; a network dedicated to local shoot support in countries around the globe. There are plenty of sandy beaches, white and blue villages by the sea and marble ruins, but one should also consider Greece for generic European looking city, modern apartments, trendy shops, cafés, as well as unexpected locations like: sand desert, lunar landscape, medieval castles, etc. Our locations database includes more than 2,500 locations / 200.000 pictures all over the country.

We maintain also the biggest on-line archives for casting in Greece with more than 20.000 persons, (actors, characters, performers, street faces, extras, kids, musicians, presenters, etc). Greece offers multi-ethnic casting so beside Caucasians types, Asians, Blacks, Arabs, Indians and North European typefaces are easy to find.

All Greek actors speak good to excellent English. If you are involved with long form scripted content be aware that a production incentives law is activated in Greece, offering Cash Rebate 40% for all production & post production costs spend in Greece. > Qualifying projects : Feature films, scripted TV content, documentaries, animation & video games. No advertising commercials.

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