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location, location, location
No man is an island, but Crete has it all! When others travel far and wide for an ideal filming spot, we have some of the most amazing locations in the world at our back yard. And the location scouts to match.

value for money
We offer elevated production value, breathtaking landscapes and talented professionals in competitive prices, combining access to high-quality metropolitan services with proximity to magnificent countryside.

thinking in film
We approach each project from a cinematographic point of view. We are storytellers  every step of the way, taking the lead from the script and turning it into pictures, sound and magic with a unique Indigo View twist.

boutique rationale
We function as a hybrid between a high-end creative agency and an accomplished production company, with a concentrated focus on the end result, keeping our standards high and our expectations even highe

Ενδεικτική Εργογραφία
    «Άλλος Ένας» - Γιώργος Νικηφόρου Ζερβάκης (2023)
    Βίντεο κλιπ
    When Mercury Held His Breath (2021)
    Μεγάλου μήκους
    Commandos & Dragons (2021)
    Τηλεοπτική Σειρά
    Babo Koro - Yela Mou (2019)
    Βίντεο κλιπ
    My Brother (2018)
    Μικρού μήκους
    The Word Unspoken (2016)
    Τηλεοπτική Σειρά
    Να Σταθώ Στα Πόδια Μου - Γιώργος Νικηφόρου Ζερβάκης (2015)
    Βίντεο κλιπ